Technology Department

  • The Technology Department is a resource and support department for curriculum in the Silsbee Independent School District. We believe that technology is a tool that facilitates learning. Our goal is to provide our students with the best technology and our teachers with the best training. We believe that this will enable our students to have the opportunity to excel in their careers.

    Currently, our high school students are able to take online courses at various universities. We also have six mobile computer labs that offer students and teachers the opportunity to utilize the internet and other resources without having to go to a standard computer lab. The district has a student to computer ratio of about 1 to 3. Every classroom has access to wireless internet. Every teacher has a designated teacher computer in the classroom. Every employee has an email account through the district. Most core classrooms have interactive whiteboards and tablets. Many core classrooms have 3  N-Computing systems for the classroom.

    We are constantly seeking new ways to improve the implementation of technology into the curriculum.

    Cyber Safety

    Silsbee ISD wants to provide all students, teachers, and parents with the awareness and knowledge they need in order to recognize and avoid dangerous, destructive or unlawful online behavior and to respond appropriately.

    Below you will find resources for various groups that should better prepare you for safe navigation on the World Wide Web.

    Resources for Students

    Resources for Parents

    Resources for Teachers

Contact Us

  •  Phone  409-980-7800
     Fax 409-980-7897 
    415 Highway 327 West
    Silsbee, Texas 77656

Technology Staff

  • Laurah Rieson – Computer Technician

    Eric Roberts – Computer Technician