• Keep calm, it's in the binder...

    The AVID binder may be new to you, but not to us. Staff on our campus have been studying the impact of using binders instead of lockers and backpacks for several years. Lockers and backpacks are hiding places. With binders everything is in between the front and back cover in one place with everything having its own place. It does not magically transform children into perfect students, but it does teach organization and study skills.

    * Each one of your teachers will be teaching and monitoring the section of binder for that subject, and specify when items need to be removed.

    * There should be NO papers in a backpack; backpacks are for library books, gym clothes, or composition journals if they do not fit in your binder.

    * The binder should always be carried in your arms, never in the backpack.

    * Student binders have a specific location for necessary items, including papers:

          - to be kept,

          - sent home,

          - returned to school,

          - used for reference...

    * A 3-hole punched "Homework" folder helps students find their homework assignments when they get home, and placing them back in that folder when finished assures that the student will know where their homework is when they return to class.

    Another homework/study helper is the Planner. This is a calendar that students will be using daily as they attend class. Students who record important reminders for assignments, tests, project due dates, and extracurricular activities are more likely to be prepared and have work completed in a timely manner (reducing the last minute stressful rush).

    I am excited to work with all of you this year and help you achieve your goals!

    Mrs. Cameron


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