School Resource Officers

  • Security officers at Silsbee ISD consists of members of Hardin County Sheriff’s Department and Silsbee Police Department, assigned to the school district at various campuses. The School Resource Officer is over security for the six campuses, the Alternative School, and any extra-curricular activities such as dances, athletic games, or special events. The officer works closely with the elementary campuses on Tobacco Prevention, School Bus Safety, Halloween Safety, Drug Awareness, and Gun Safety.

    In addition, the SRO assists with students who are considered truant. It is required by state law that a student must be in attendance 90 percent of the days the class is offered during the school year. If a student's absences exceed more than 10 percent, the student's attendance will be referred to the Attendance Review committee to determine if there are extenuating circumstances for the absences as determined on an individual basis.

    Parents/Guardians are welcome to discuss students' absences with the Administration or the SRO by calling the office. If anyone in the community is aware of a school age child not attending school, please contact the office.



    • To provide educational Information both in and out of the class room on topics such as: Texas tobacco laws and prevention, drug and alcohol abuse, traffic safety, suicide prevention, family violence, child abuse, and becoming a law enforcer.
    • To counsel with students, parents, and school staff to resolve problems or misunderstandings in order to reduce the possibility of criminal activity and/or violence.
    • To assist with existing school programs and participate in school functions such as athletic events, dances, and P. T. A. programs.
    • To establish programs that benefit the students, school district, police department, and the community.
    • To serve as a link between the school district, law enforcement agencies, and other social services.