Facility Use General Rules and Procedures

  • 1.     Groups or individuals who want to reserve or rent SILSBEE ISD facilities must obtain a Facility Rental Information Packet found on the SILSBEE ISD website .

    2.     Priority for rental request will be based on category in which the request falls. Groups are designated 1-5.

    3.     Reservation or rental agreements must be processed no later than one week prior to the event.

    4.     Proof of Liability Insurance must be submittd before final approval for facility usage will be given.

    5.     One/half of the Estimated Cost shall be paid no later than 5 days prior to the event.

    6.     School facilities will not be reserved or rented on holidays or the weekend immediately preceding or following those designated holidays pending the district is able to obtain personnel to work a holiday weekend.

    7.     School facilities will not be reserved or rented on the evening immediately preceding or during the designated state testing days unless approved by the Superintendent.

    8.     All users of school district facilities shall adhere to the following:

    • Ensure that permission to use the facility or any portion thereof shall not be transferred to a third party
    • Ensure that district facilities are left neat and in orderly condition ready for use the next school day.
    • Ensure that all signage and decorations be taken down following an event, Decorations may not deface property.
    • Ensure that of open flames, such as candles are not used.
    • Ensure that no fixtures, equipment, or furniture shall be removed from any building.
    • Ensure that all food and drinks are only allowed in designated areas and must be removed and the area left clean after the event.
    • Ensure that no smoking takes place in district buildings and/or on school property.
    • Ensure that alcoholic beverages or drugs in any form are not permitted or to be served in buildings or on school grounds in accordance with Texas State Laws and Drug Free Schools policy.
    • Any damages caused by the renters may result in loss of further use of District Facilities.
    • SILSBEE ISD has the right to refuse and/ terminate any reservation or rental agreement. Reasons include but are not limited to the following:  space availability, over usage of facility, failure to request or pay in a timely fashion, failure to comply with rules and regulations, recurring losses and/or damage, inappropriate behavior by the individual/organization or audience reserving or renting the facility.

    9. No equipment or supplies of those renting or requesting reservations will be stored on school property.

    10. All children must be supervised at all times and remain in assigned areas.

    11. District equipment, such as public address systems, microphones, speakers, audio/video equipment, risers, and projectors, is not available for use by outside organizations unless prior approval has been obtained from SILSBEE ISD.

    12.  Any exceptions to the above must be approved by the Superintendent.

    13.  Security is required for all events and will be schedule by the district.   The current cost of security is $ 35.00 per hour.