FAQ – General

  • How and when would school closures be implemented?

    Any closure of schools due to a pandemic would be in coordination with state and local authorities, including TEA, district leadership and the Board of Trustees.

    On Tuesday, March 17, Silsbee ISD enacted a short-term suspension of normal school operations for the two weeks following Spring Break, through April 5, 2020.

    What can a student expect during a suspension of normal school operations?

    In a short-term school closure, as the district is currently in through April 5, we will provide the following services to all Silsbee ISD students:

    • access to learning tools and instructional materials; and
    • breakfast and lunch service on scheduled school days for all SISD students; service will occur at six designated sites (Silsbee Elementary School, Silsbee Middle School, Silsbee High School, Friendship Baptist Church, LIT/Frank Robinson Center, North Hardin Baptist Church).

    Our Teaching and Learning team will provide resources and guidance to support elementary and secondary teachers/teams as they make decisions regarding practice and reinforcing current learning. We will use traditional and digital resources that are already available to students and teachers. In the event of a long-term closure, we will work to provide more materials and access points to ongoing learning.

    Our Special Programs teams are working to develop individualized learning opportunities and support for our students receiving services.

    Have UIL activities been suspended?

    The University Interscholastic League (UIL) has suspended all UIL sanctioned activities – contents, practices, rehearsals and workouts – until further notice. At this time, the earliest games and contents may resume is Monday, May 4.

    Prior to May 4, UIL will allow its member schools a reasonable acclimatization period for rehearsals and practices to occur.

    Please check the UIL website for updated information.

    How will the district provide food services to students in the event of a school closure?

    The District’s food service provider, SFE, will provide meals – both lunch and breakfast for the next day – for children 18 years of age and under at six sites during the closure.

    Meals will be served curbside or drive-thru pickup at these sites, and one meal will be provided for each child in the vehicle. Meals will be available from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday,  during the closure, at the following campuses:

    • Silsbee Elementary School (770 South 7th Street)
    • Silsbee Middle School (1140 Highway 327 East)
    • Silsbee High School (1575 Highway 96 North)
    • Friendship Baptist Church (3601 Cooks Road)
    • LIT/Frank Robinson Center (1355 West MLK Road)
    • North Hardin Baptist Church (11574 FM 92)

    Parents are requested to remain in their car as they drive through to pick up meals. Meals are available to any children in Silsbee ISD and not restricted to students on free/reduced lunch plans.

    While we appreciate our caring community, the USDA does not allow volunteers to deliver or handle food through our program.

    While the USDA has not approved Texas schools to receive reimbursements for providing meals during school closures for COVID, we are committed to supporting students during school closure.

    After working with our food supply vendors and our child nutrition employees, we feel confident we have enough food and we have enough staff.

    Can we transport food directly to students in need?

    While we appreciate our caring community, the U.S. Department of Agriculture does not allow volunteers to deliver or handle food through our program. While all students are eligible to receive food, USDA requires schools to deliver on-site and directly to students only.

    How can I get medical supplies for my child that are on his/her campus?

    For prescription and emergency medicine pickup, our health service team and school nurses will arrange pick-up at the foodservice sites. If you need to organize a pick-up, please contact your school nurse.

    Will Silsbee ISD facilities still be available for rental during this closure?

    No. Silsbee ISD facilities will not be available for rental during this closure.

    What school cleaning procedures are in place to guard against COVID-19?

    Our campus custodial staff disinfects campuses each day with hospital-grade products to help offset the spread of communicable illnesses, but it takes all of us to ensure healthy school environments. As a reminder, we are still in the midst of cold and flu season, and it’s important for families to take preventative measures to safeguard themselves from the spread of communicable diseases. Silsbee ISD will continue to communicate the importance of frequent handwashing, covering a cough or sneeze, not touching one’s eyes, nose and mouth, and staying home when ill.

    We are monitoring any information from the CDC as soon as it becomes available and will follow any recommendation for the health and safety of all our SISD students and staff.

    How will I be notified if a case of COVID-19 is reported in SISD?

    The health department will notify Silsbee ISD if a student or staff member tests positive and is under quarantine prior to public notification. That will allow us to plan and communicate to families if there’s a verified risk to our students, staff, teachers, and families according to the health department.

    What travel restrictions are SISD making to students?

    Silsbee ISD encourages families to stay updated as they consider travel plans, and heed the CDC’s travel advisories. The CDC provides recommendations on postponing or canceling travel. These are called travel notices and are based on an assessment of the potential health risks involved with traveling to a certain area. Here is a list of destinations with travel notices.

    What happens if a family decides to travel internationally?

    If an SISD family or staff member travels internationally and chooses to self-quarantine upon their return, the District is going to make every effort to support the decision to manage the health and wellbeing of their household.

    Should my child wear a facemask to school as a precaution?

    The CDC does not recommend that people who are well to wear a facemask to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, including COVID-19.