FAQ – Employees

  • Will I be able to enter my school, classroom, or office to retrieve materials while facilities are closed?

    As a reminder, our buildings will be closed through April 5. If we’re going to minimize the spread of this disease and flatten the curve, we want to do our part to limit access to shared spaces and allow our custodial staff the time, space, and ability so they can deeply clean our facilities. 

    If you are a student or teacher in need of retrieving critical materials or tools, please contact your school’s principal. If we are able to, we will return the item(s) in a drive-up set-up.

    What can teachers and staff expect in the case of a school closure?

    In the event of a closure, we will:

    • continue to pay employees so no one misses a paycheck (including hourly workers);
    • identify employees needed to provide services during a closure; 
    • provide premium pay to identified non-exempt employees who work during closures; and 
    • have exempt staff working from home during their contract calendars. 

    Direct supervisors will be contacting their teams about an employee’s role and responsibilities in case of a closure. Please be prepared to work if your supervisor notifies you.

    At this time, we will not be paying most temporary employees or substitute teachers during the suspension of normal school operations. We are working with principals to identify long-term substitute teachers who may be needed for providing distance learning.

    How would a school closure affect employee pay and absence reporting?

    As with any large entity, public or private, closing during an emergency requires coordination with state agencies, health departments and local agencies. That’s why school districts have policies similar to the one below for SISD: 

    • DEA (Local): Pay During Closing
    • During an emergency closure, all employees shall continue to be paid for their regular duty schedule unless otherwise provided by Board action. Following an emergency closure, the Board shall adopt a resolution or take other Board action establishing the purpose and parameters for such payments. [See EB for the authority to close schools]

    Who are essential staff, working in school buildings while they are closed?

    At this time, the only Silsbee ISD staff members allowed in district buildings are custodial, child nutrition services, maintenance, and administrators along with some teachers working shifts. This will allow us to keep our facilities clean, practice physical/social distancing, and support the national efforts to contain COVID-19 spread.

    As an SISD employee, what information do I need if anyone in my family should become ill? If I’m sick, are there other options to see a doctor?

    If you have SISD medical insurance, you can visit your doctor – remember that in most cases, you do not need to go to the emergency room.

    If you are enrolled in one of the SISD medical plans, you have the option to utilize MDLIVE. MDLIVE allows you to speak with a doctor 24/7 in the comfort of your home. You can speak to a doctor immediately or schedule an appointment later.  Avoid the waiting room!

    Questions? Reach out to Silsbee ISD Benefits Coordinator Tricia Brooks at tricia.brooks@silsbeeisd.org

    Can I share materials or read from books online?

    Teachers should not read an entire book aloud unless the publisher and author gave permission. There are lots of websites, authors, and publishers providing links, permissions, and access to their materials. Please try to limit the use of materials to those approved.

    What are employee hours during the closure? How will SISD manage employee absences and/or requests for time off?

    We are asking our employees to be available during the hours they normally would have worked unless there is a business need to work outside of those hours. We will follow the same process for absence and requests for time off that is currently in practice.