Athletic Event Guidelines


    • Students in 8th grade and below, including pre-school age children, WILL NOT BE ADMITTED to any athletic event without adult supervision, and without the proper current issued Silsbee ISD student identification card.
    • Spectators and students will be required to sit in the bleachers except when they are purchasing items from the concession stand or using the restrooms.
    • Students in 8th grade and below must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Anyone not following these guidelines will be removed from the event venue.
    • Loitering IS NOT permitted inside or outside of any athletic event area.
    • If you leave an event, you must be prepared to pay to re-enter.
    • The Silsbee ISD policy of tobacco-free environment will be enforced on all school property.
    • Supervision of NON-PARTICIPATING students will end 30 minutes following the conclusion of the contest. Students still on campus after those 30 minutes may be written a citation for criminal trespassing and/or loitering.

Spectator Rules of Conduct

  • By entering Silsbee ISD Athletic facilities, spectators agree to abide by the following Rules of Conduct as set forth in the University Interscholastic League, Constitution, and Contest Rules:

    1. No insults or personal comments of any kind are to be directed towards game officials, referees, or workers;
    2. Any participant who assaults an official will be suspended from participation for a minimum of two years.
    3. Inappropriate language or profanity will not be tolerated and will result in immediate ejection from the game;
    4. Taunting or ridiculing of either team or team members is not allowed;
    5. Chants that taunt, ridicule, or insult either team or team members are not allowed;
    6. Spectators may not enter the court/field of play during a game.