The purpose is to provide grants for innovative and creative instructional approaches aimed at educational excellence.

    Individuals and teams who are involved in the academic instruction of students or related support services are eligible.

    Grants may fund materials or activities that support higher levels of student achievement; proposals aligned with campus and district goals or improvement plans.

    Funds will be awarded to individual teachers or campus teams for department or grade level programs or projects.

    The Foundation’s goal is to maximize the impact of the grant funds available:

      • Individual awards of $500
      • Campus or team awards of $1000

    Proposals that exceed the Foundation’s current resources will be eligible for reconsideration

    We encourage the submission of any innovative idea regardless of current limitations – if you have a really big idea, do not hesitate to submit a proposal.

    Unfunded proposals will be used in our efforts to develop an endowment through sustainable sources of funding.

    Application packets will be available electronically

      • Will be posted on the district website
      • E‐mail request to jrdg@gt.rr.com


    Proposals will have four (4) components:

      1. Cover Page with details of Grant Applicant(s)
      2. Project Overview (1‐page summary of project including ~100 word abstract)
      3. Project Details (2‐pager to describe in detail the project idea, its purpose & rationale, expected outcomes, measures, etc.)
      4. Budget Table

    Applications are due no later than 4:30PM on Monday April 25th, 2022.

    Submit completed applications to Missy Sundgren by hand or by e‐mail.

    Prior to submitting to the Foundation’s Grant Review Committee, administration will remove the cover page with identifying information.