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DoI Press Release

Silsbee Independent School District seeks District of Innovation designation

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Silsbee Independent School District and its Board of Trustees adopted a resolution at its regular board meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019, to initiate the process of exploring the benefits of becoming a District of Innovation.

The District of Innovation designation would allow Silsbee ISD to further personalize how instruction is delivered and to maximize potential to all Silsbee ISD students.

The proposed Silsbee ISD District of Innovation plan will be posted on the district’s website once it has been drafted, along with other important information about the process. Anyone who is interested in providing feedback or comment on the proposed plan may do so at an upcoming public forum to be published in the process timeline.  

The District of Innovation concept passed by the 84th Texas legislature gives traditional independent school districts some of the flexibilities available to Texas’ open-enrollment charter schools. For example, Districts of Innovation can take advantage of the flexibility of a school year start date before the fourth Monday in August (which is currently required in the Texas Education Code). Flexibilities like this allow districts to determine locally what best meets the needs of the students, parents, and the community.

It is important to note that while the District of Innovation concept allows school districts a variety of options, none automatically apply. Each District of Innovation is unique, based on the school district's innovation plan. Exemptions from requirements in the Texas Education Code that would be afforded to Silsbee ISD would be limited to what is specifically addressed in the Silsbee ISD innovation plan designed by the District of Innovation Committee.


For more information about Silsbee Independent School District and the District of Innovation concept, contact Superintendent Dr. Gregg Weiss at 409-980-7800 or by email at