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Athletic Event Guidelines

  • Students in 8th grade and below, including pre-school age children, WILL NOT BE ADMITTED to any athletic event without adult supervision.
  • Spectators and students will be required to sit in the bleachers except when they are purchasing items from the concession stand or using the restrooms.
  • Loitering IS NOT permitted inside or outside of any athletic event area.
  • If you leave an event, you must be prepared to pay to re-enter.
  • The Silsbee ISD policy of tobacco-free environment will be enforced on all school property.
  • Supervision of NON-PARTICIPATING students will end 30 minutes following the conclusion of the contest. Students still on campus after those 30 minutes may be written a citation for criminal trespassing and/or loitering.
  • Anyone not following these guidelines will be removed from the event venue.

Spectator Rules of Conduct

By entering Silsbee ISD Athletic facilities, spectators agree to abide by the following Rules of Conduct as set forth in the University Interscholastic League, Constitution, and Contest Rules:

  1. No insults or personal comments of any kind are to be directed towards game officials, referees, or workers;
  2. Any participant who assaults an official will be suspended from participation for a minimum of two years.
  3. Inappropriate language or profanity will not be tolerated and will result in immediate ejection from the game;
  4. Taunting or ridiculing of either team or team members is not allowed;
  5. Chants that taunt, ridicule, or insult either team or team members are not allowed;
  6. Spectators may not enter the court/field of play during a game.

Working Media Guidelines For Football

All working media must adhere to new sideline rules at Silsbee Tiger Football games.

Working media must receive a Media Sideline pass at the visitor’s side entrance of Tiger Stadium located on the northwest side. Sideline passes will only be issued to working media showing the proper credentials.

Working media must have the proper Media Sideline pass worn so that it is prominently displayed.

Access in the player's box is strictly prohibited. All media personnel are prohibited from conversing with coaches and players during the game.

Media must use the track behind the player’s box to move across the 50-yard line.

Photographers must stay behind the marked white line parallel to the sideline, to not infringe on the game, players, and referees.