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Student Insurance Information

Silsbee ISD has purchased a limited benefit insurance policy that covers all student-athletes while participating in UIL activities. The insurance coverage is "SECONDARY" or "EXCESS" which is designed to pay those expenses not paid or payable by any other insurance. This means that you will be required to file first with your personal insurance and then after benefits are paid, the school insurance company will pay on the remaining balance. This policy covers your child only during practice (in-season or off-season), competition, and district travel to and from UIL sanctioned activities.

This policy is a zero deductible. It is a limited benefit plan and may not pay 100 percent of your medical bills. It is coordinated with any personal coverage that you may have. The district student policy pays for covered charges incurred within 52 weeks from the date of an injury and any bills not paid by insurance will be the parent and/or guardian's responsibility. 

Parents/guardians will handle all bills and claims. Silsbee ISD is not responsible for the handling and payment of medical bills. Parents/guardians must give personal insurance information to the athletic trainer, team physician or PCP and all other health care providers regarding your child's athletic injury. The athletic trainer must be notified prior to doctor visits or insurance benefits may be forfeited. Regardless of whether your child has insurance or not, the filing of a fully completed and signed claim form by the district and parent/guardian must occur within 90 days from the date of the injury by the parent/guardian. Furthermore, regardless of whether your student has primary insurance or not, the filing of all bills for provider services must occur within 90 days from the date of service. It is the parent/guardian's responsibility, to follow-up with each provider to make certain bills are submitted on time.

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