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New Middle School Breakdown

NEW MIDDLE SCHOOL - Estimated Cost: $39.2M

  • Prop A includes:

    • Band Hall: 

      • The new middle school will feature a dedicated Band Hall, equipped with modern amenities and acoustics, fostering a conducive space for students to develop their musical talents and collaborate with peers.

    • Choir Room: 

      • Students interested in vocal arts will have access to a specialized Choir Room, where they can refine their singing skills, harmonize in ensembles, and prepare for performances.

    • Art Room: 

      • The inclusion of an Art Room emphasizes our commitment to nurturing creativity. Equipped with various artistic materials, this space will inspire students to explore their imaginations and express themselves through visual arts.

    • Ag Science Facility: 

      • To promote hands-on learning and engagement, the middle school will house an Agricultural Science Facility. This facility will serve as a hub for students interested in agricultural studies, enabling them to gain practical experience in this field.

    • Gymnasium: 

      • A spacious Gymnasium will provide students with opportunities for physical activities, team sports, and overall fitness. This facility encourages a healthy lifestyle and fosters teamwork among students.

    • 4 Lane Track: 

      • The addition of a 4-lane track further enhances our commitment to physical well-being. Students will have access to a modern track, promoting regular exercise and outdoor activities.

    • Renovated Middle School Gyms: 

      • In addition to the new facilities, we are dedicated to enhancing the existing middle school gyms through renovations. This will ensure that the entire physical education and sports environment aligns with our mission to provide the best possible experience for our students.

  • Edwards-Johnson Memorial Silsbee Middle School was built in 1967 and has reached the end of its life cycle. The 56-year-old facility would require substantial renovations to bring up to minimum TEA standards as well as new safety and current federal ADA compliance. 

  • When considering major renovations versus new construction, the estimated cost to renovate the 56-year-old facility is approximately 82% of the cost for constructing a new state-of-the-art facility.   

  • The cost analysis indicated there to be no significant financial difference between renovation versus new construction (approximately $7 million difference). Building deficiencies are numerous and include but are not limited to ADA compliance, lack of classroom space, track is unsafe and unrepairable, poor ventilation system, lack of fire suppression, multiple classrooms located apart from the main building such as band, music, and art. Therefore, the FAC and school administration decided that it would not be a wise financial investment to propose renovating a 56 year old facility.

  • With the addition of a new building, band, art and choir rooms would be larger to accommodate growth. There will also be a new Agricultural Science Building. The plans include a new competition gymnasium as well as keeping the current gyms which will be renovated to include a weight room and locker rooms for athletics programs.

  • Furthermore, it was determined that grade reconfiguration at the MS could promote a greater opportunity for increasing student achievement and provide a safer environment that lessens exposure to more serious adolescent behaviors for 6 th grade students. Therefore, restructuring the MS to only house 7 th and 8 th grade students and relocating 6 th grade to an intermediate level campus.