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Renovations to Laura Reeves Primary

Prop A includes renovations at Laura Reeves Primary (LRP) that could create an intermediate campus and utilize current facilities.

  • LRP would be reconfigured to house grades 4th , 5th , and 6th . Pre-K through kindergarten would then be relocated to the Silsbee Elementary School (SES). 

  • The campus will get a new expanded entrance to provide additional office space and enhance safety and security.

  • Substantial renovations would be made to the current LRP campus to address school safety, adding additional faculty restrooms, a teacher workroom, as well as accommodate and support additional grade levels and academic program requirements.

  • In addition to the new 6 th grade wing, the campus will also include a band hall, science room, art room, choir room and a new gymnasium.

  • Proposition A includes a covered walkway to Silsbee Elementary, as well as, a Stacking Lane at Laura Reeves, keeping a safe traffic flow during drop-off and pick-up.

  • There will be expanded employee and visitor parking.

  • Laura Reeves Primary was built in 1987, over 36 years old.