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Child Nutrition

Silsbee ISD is committed to serving our students hot, nutritious meals to help enhance their educational needs. It is important that our students eat a good, healthy breakfast and lunch in order to be ready to learn and further their education.

Silsbee ISD is governed by the Texas Education Agency in Austin and has implemented strict Dietary Guidelines established by the State of Texas in order to serve nutritional meals to our students after years of changes.

Congress passed a law to establish these Dietary Guidelines, which averages menus for the week, which will not allow a student to receive more than 30 percent of the needed fat calories and 10 percent of the needed saturated fat calories.

Silsbee ISD is committed to these changes while pleasing the students, simultaneously. In the process, the district has changed from two menus to five for the purpose of meeting these Dietary Guidelines and calorie requirements. This change was necessary because every school has a different set of guidelines based on the age of its students.


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