About Silsbee Middle School

  • Edwards-Johnson Memorial Silsbee Middle School campus encompasses students sixth through eighth grades.

    This middle school campus is aligned to the high school and serves as a bridge between elementary school and high school – A bridge between childhood and young adulthood.

    These sixth through eighth grade students are served in an educational program designed to capture interest, develop learning skills, improve academic achievement and enhance the self-concept in preparation to high school. In addition to the basic courses offered – elective courses in computer literacy, band, choir and art are also available.

    Students have a variety of ways to explore their academic and leadership skills including inclusive participation in all sports and extra-curricular activities, which includes eight different athletic teams, 14 academic competition teams, eight community awareness activities, as well as various clubs and organizations.

Contact Us

  •  Phone  409-980-7870
     Fax 409-980-7884 
    1140 Highway 327 East
    Silsbee, Texas 77656