•  My name is Pam Willis.  I am a Silsbee High School graduate. I have been a math and technology teacher for Silsbee High School for thirty-five years now.  Teaching is the only thing that I have ever wanted to do.  I started teaching right after I graduated from Lamar with a degree in mathematics and a minor in computer science.  I have since gone back to school and earned thirty-six hours of graduate work in computer science.  I am certified in mathematics, computer science, technology applications, technology education, and as a master technology teacher.

    Some of the courses that I currently teach are Statistics AP, Geometry Pre-AP, Computer Science AP, Honors-Computer Science 2, 3 and 4.  I also teach several technology applications courses.  I have coached the computer science UIL team since it began back in the late 1980's.  In 2009, I began coaching UIL number sense, calculator and mathematics.  We have had several teams advance to both regionals and state.  I am currently the UIL coordinator for the district.
    I want to tell you a little about myself.  My husband and I started dating in high school when we were sixteen.  We were married when we were nineteen.  We have now been married for thirty-six years.  We have three children, one daughter and two sons.  Our daughter is a producer for an NBC news station in New York City.  Our older son is in the Army National Guard and is a sheriff's deputy in Jasper county.  He and his family live in Buna.  Our youngest son is an EMT and fireman for the city of Orange and substitute teaches in Silsbee on his days off.  He and his wife live in Silsbee.
    I love this school and this town.  I take great pride in my school, my town and my students.  I look forward to the start of every school year and love going to work in the morning.  Even after I decide to retire, I think I will still come back and volunteer as a tutor to help students who struggle in math.  I know I may be a little weird but I want every child to love math and programming as much as I do.  When my students leave high school I want them to be ready for what the world holds for them.  I want my students to remember the good times they had in high school and to take pride when they tell people that they are from Silsbee.