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  • At Silsbee ISD, the program of competitive athletics should be comprehensive, diversified, and flexible to meet the individual needs, interests, and abilities of our athletes. It should comprise an integral and vital part of our district’s total educational program. Whenever and wherever athletics are planned or played, it is mandatory that definite rules, regulations, and procedures be developed and implemented for the proper conduct of these activities. It is also essential that these procedures be commensurate with school district policies and in accordance with the accepted and established the philosophy of education that prevails in the district. It is with full consideration and recognition of the important role that competitive athletics should have in the total school curriculum that this handbook has been developed.

    The athletic department believes that each student should be given a fair chance to participate in competitive athletics according to his own individual and personal choices. However, we also believe that all athletes should be encouraged and motivated by coaches to participate in a variety of activities in accordance with their interests, needs, and abilities.

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