• The central office maintain all official personnel files, serves as a central placement office, and assists teachers on maintaining the proper records. The following benefits are provided by the Silsbee Independent School District.

    Credit Union

    Savings, loans, and checking accounts are available by payroll deduction with the Teacher's Credit Union.

    Direct Deposit

    Payroll checks can be directly deposited into any banking institution.

    Long Term Disability

    Salary Continuation Insurance may be purchased by each employee through payroll deduction from Cigna.

    Cancer/Intensive Care

    Insurance can be purchased with deductions made through payroll.

    Life Insurance

    Term life insurance is provided at $10,000 coverage for each employee. (Additional coverage for employee's spouse and dependants can be purchased.)

    Medical Insurance/Hospitalization/Dental/Drug Card

    The district pays a portion of a health/dental insurance plan for each employee. Employees may add family members through payroll deductions.

    Retirement Benefits

    Employees are members of the Texas Retirement System. The employee's share is 7.2 percent; the state's share is 6.8 percent.

    Worker's Compensation

    Financial and medical protection is provided for on-the-job injuries.

    Tax Sheltered

    Through this program, an employee can elect to have portion of his/her salary invested in a combination of tax defered, money market investments.

    Sick Leave

    Ten days per year (five from state, five from district) are provided for each full time employee. Unused sick days provided by the state and local are cumulative with no limit. A sick pool benefit is available so that employees can donate up to two days to other employees in the event of catastrophic illness for their employee or their immediate family.

    Section 125 Cafeteria Plan

    The cafeteria plan enables employees to save money on group insurance and health-related expences. Contributions are deducted from the employee's pay before taxes are withheld.


    Vision care insurance may be purchased through payroll deductions.

    Flexible Spending Account

    Employee designates monthly deductions set aside for future medical expenses.

    Health Savings Account

    A Health Savings Account enables you to save, invest and spend funds for qualified medical expenses on a tax-advantaged basis. Unused funds roll over from year to year and continue to grow tax-free.

    Dependent Care Reimbursement Account

    Employee designates monthly deductions set aside for the reimburesement of expenses incurred for dependent care.