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2023-2024 Football Banquet: A Legacy of Brotherhood

2023-2024 Football Banquet: A Legacy of Brotherhood

January 24, 2024 – As we gathered to celebrate our players and coaches at the annual football banquet, it's not just about saying goodbye to another season; it's about embracing the essence of family, resilience, and the unwavering spirit that defines Silsbee High School Football.

Inside the high school cafeteria, we reflected on a year that tested the mettle of these Tigers. It's more than a team; it's a family—a family that rallies for one another, thrives on shared victories, and understands that love knows no bounds.

This team had to endure tremendous loss of two of its teammates, Jayce Jones (class of 2023) and Jaquez Carter (class of 2024). But, instead of breaking, the Tigers found their reason to Fi9ht! Through the pain, they shattered records, putting Silsbee's 4A district on the statewide football map. Traditions were honored, but what stood out was the unparalleled heart they displayed.

Through the triumphs and the trials, our SHS football coaches stood as pillars of strength, shaping not just athletes, but resilient individuals ready to face the challenges of life. In the face of adversity, they transformed loss into motivation, instilling in the team the spirit to Fi9ht! Their leadership paved the way for countless achievements, both on the field and in the hearts of the players.

As we concluded this celebration, let's highlight not just the athletic triumphs but the academic feats that make these Tigers exceptional. They are not just players; they are scholars, exemplifying dedication in every aspect of life.

Athletic Achievements:

Padilla Poll All State Football

  • 1st Team Receiver: Dre'lon Miller
  • 2nd Team Receiver: Ashton Cartwright
  • 2nd Team Running Back: Trei Kibbles
  • 2nd Team Defensive Line: Garry White
  • 2nd Team Defensive Back: Jonah Brown

THSCA Academic All State

  • 1st Team: Harlan Self
  • 2nd Team: Jayden Smart
  • Honorable Mention: Trei Kibbles, Dre'lon Miller, Lamarcus Bottley

Scholastic All District:

9th grade

  • Brendon Hughes
  • Oakley Black
  • Kaden Fasulo
  • Preston Jones
  • Brady Ryan
  • Hunter Smith
  • Joseph Tilley
  • Austin Tuck

10th grade

  • Rhett Harkey
  • Matsyn Morris
  • Korbin Holsworth
  • Alexis Hooks
  • Landon Lee
  • Jackson Perdue
  • Zachary Robberts
  • Brian Self

11th grade

  • Cody Johnston
  • Layla Maghe
  • Jayden Miller
  • Carston Samford
  • Gavin Hayes
  • Jamydrain Jackson
  • Ke'ina Martin
  • Michael Moshier
  • Maddox Shields

12th grade

  • Lamarcus Bottley
  • Garen Crosby
  • Ta'Davion Garrett
  • Paul Hope
  • Trei Kibbles
  • Pablo Lorenzi
  • Dre'lon MIller
  • Oscar Perez
  • Harlan Self
  • Jayden Smart
  • Kobly Arceneaux
  • Harmoni Briscoe
  • Jamarion Elam
  • Xander Horton
  • Andrew LeBlanc
  • Jeremy Mckinney
  • Shawn Washington
  • Kealin Whittle

Football Team Awards:

These awards aren't just accolades; they are echoes of respect and admiration, voted on by the team itself.

  • Defense MVP: Pablo Lorenzi, Garry White
  • Offense MVP: Dre'lon Miller, Ashton Cartwright
  • Special Teams MVP: Raydrian Baltrip
  • Lineman of the Year: Xander Horton, Jayden Smart, Andrew LeBlanc
  • Team Captains: Dre'lon Miller, Lamarcus Bottley, Ashton Cartwright, Jonah Brown, Jaquez Carter

As the class of 2024 bids farewell to the football field, their legacy endures—a legacy of reliance, resilience, overcoming, strength, and, above all, a brotherhood that transcends time and cannot be broken. Their impact will echo through the corridors of Silsbee High School, inspiring generations to come.