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SHS GOLD! Robotics Awarded $8,000 Grant from WestRock

SHS GOLD! Robotics Awarded $8,000 Grant from WestRock

May 1, 2024 – SHS GOLD! has been making waves in the robotics community and showcasing their talents in the competition ring. A lot of the recognition goes to the students and Coach Vic Miller, but it’s grant money from companies like WestRock that keep this team in the competitive field.

Coach Miller expressed his appreciation for the donation, saying, "WestRock has been a great supporter of our STEM program. Their previous grants have really helped us to expand our capabilities enough to be competitive against the top robotics programs in the state, and this grant will help us to keep that momentum going."

So, what will this grant money be used for? The back-to-back state champions will utilize the funds to improve their workshop with a new practice field, expand their electronics and pneumatics inventories, and acquire a good set of cordless tools that they can use both in their workshop and at the many competitions they attend each year.

SHS GOLD! Robotics continues to build on the successes of years past, and with WestRock’s generous donation, their future is looking bright.