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Silsbee High School Patient Care Tech Students Conclude Transformative Clinical Rotations at Baptist Hospital

Silsbee High School Patient Care Tech Students Conclude Transformative Clinical Rotations at Baptist Hospital

November 29, 2023 - The Silsbee High School Patient Care Tech students have successfully completed their clinical rotations at Baptist Hospital, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards becoming healthcare professionals. Over the course of the rotations, the students gained invaluable hands-on experience in various departments, including labor and delivery, emergency room, operations, imaging, the NICU, and more.

6th and Final Rotations:

Macie Sheppard: Main Operating Room

Macie Sheppard, in her final rotation at the Main Operating Room, witnessed the intricacies of three distinct surgeries. From a Tympanostomy tube placement to a Gastric bypass surgery, she marveled at the surgical precision involved. Of particular interest was observing a tumor removal in the neck, where delicate procedures ensured facial movements persisted without causing paralysis. Macie also delved into the nuances of patient preparation for anesthesia, intubation processes, and the diverse reactions during the awakening from anesthesia.

Kennedy Lockhart: Imaging

In the Imaging department, Kennedy Lockhart assisted in capturing chest X-rays and observed upper GI procedures using Gastrografin contrast medium. Witnessing the administration of a barium enema contrast allowed her to pinpoint active leaks within the gut. Kennedy's experience also included reviewing X-rays alongside physicians, providing her with insights into interpreting shading differences. One highlight was witnessing the pelvic bone's adaptation postpartum through an X-ray.

Brooke Jeansonne: Mother/Baby Unit

Completing her rotations in the Mother/Baby unit, Brooke Jeansonne actively engaged in postpartum care. From monitoring vital signs in both mothers and newborns to participating in breastfeeding support, she experienced a comprehensive view of postnatal care. Witnessing a circumcision procedure added to her diverse skill set.

G'Kya Stimpson: NICU

G'Kya Stimpson contributed her skills to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where she assembled feeding tubes and learned to recognize hunger cues in premature babies. Observing a routine newborn eye exam and the weaning process off oxygen underscored the critical nature of patience in neonatal care. Shadowing a lactation consultant further enhanced her understanding of maternal-infant bonding.

Susie McAnelley: Orthopedics 

On the Orthopedic Rejuvenation Unit, Susie McAnelley showcased her versatility by undertaking tasks such as taking vital signs, managing patient meal trays, and providing full bed baths. Her diverse responsibilities demonstrated a holistic approach to patient care.

Dwight Pitts: Infusion Unit

Dwight Pitts concluded his rotations on the Infusion Unit, where he observed transfusions, including iron and blood. His exposure to the PICC team's use of advanced technology for vein location highlighted the specialized skills required for patients with challenging veins.

Desiray Rodriguez: Cardiac EKG Unit

In the Cardiac EKG Unit, Desiray Rodriguez honed her skills under the guidance of an EKG technician. From mastering the EKG machine to identifying abnormal rhythms, she actively participated in patient care, even assisting during a Code 44 event. Her experience emphasized the importance of teamwork during critical situations.

Laila Samuel: Telemetry Unit

On the Telemetry Unit, Laila Samuel navigated the fast-paced environment, assisting with admissions, discharges, vital signs, patient hygiene, and wound care. Her comprehensive exposure showcased the demanding yet rewarding nature of patient care in a bustling unit.

Mark Vickery: Wound Care Center

Mark Vickery's final rotation at the Wound Care Center delved into advanced wound treatments, including TheraSkin grafts. His hands-on experience with wound cultures and the hyperbaric chamber provided insights into the diverse methods of wound healing.

Heather Wiggins, the Health Science Instructor at SHS, expressed her pride in the students' accomplishments. She highlighted the transformation into confident healthcare professionals and thanked Silsbee ISD and Baptist Hospital for fostering this invaluable partnership.

"Thanks to Silsbee ISD for giving our health science students opportunities like this that were not around 30 years ago and to Baptist Hospital for welcoming our students, especially after Covid, so that they can receive real world experiences in a clinical setting. I am grateful for the partnership we have and look forward to our next group of students,” said Heather Wiggins, Health Science Instructor at SHS.

As the students reflect on their journey, it is evident that these clinical rotations have not only provided them with a wealth of knowledge but have also paved the way for promising careers in healthcare.