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Silsbee High School Student Makes Teacher's Vision a Reality with Donated Kiosk

Silsbee High School Student Makes Teacher's Vision a Reality with Donated Kiosk

September 20,2023 - A vision to bring forth a better way to market products in a business class at Silsbee High School is now a reality, thanks to the dedication of one determined student. Jennifer Williams, Business Management teacher at SHS, expressed her desire to enhance product marketing within the class's store, The Shop. Senior, Kolby "Kace" Arceneaux, took it upon himself to turn her vision into a reality.

Mrs. Williams shared her excitement, saying, “Kolby 'Kace' Arceneaux took the initiative to reach out to see if a business would donate one to us. I am beyond proud of his effort in obtaining this donation for our class. This will have a lasting impact beyond his senior year.”

The generous donation came from two local small businesses, BeAed and B-Line Surveyors.

At Silsbee High School, a Student-Based Enterprise (SBE) serves as a practical and realistic learning platform. It offers students a unique "hands-on" environment where they can develop real-world business competencies. These experiences better prepare students for their future careers.

The students of the 21-22 academic year contributed to planning and designing The Shop, while the 22-23 students launched the store with the assistance of a grant from the Silsbee Education Foundation.

"We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Morgan Fontenot at BeAed for her dedicated efforts in acquiring the cart that perfectly suits our needs. Additionally, a special thank you goes out to Carl Coplen, the owner and CEO of B-Line Surveyors," expressed Mrs. Williams. "This act of kindness will undoubtedly pave the way for enhanced hands-on learning and growth for our students."