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Silsbee High School Students Shine at Texas Rice Festival Welding Certification Event

Silsbee High School Students Shine at Texas Rice Festival Welding Certification Event

October 4, 2023 - Silsbee High School proudly showcased its exceptional welding program as 23 students participated in the Texas Rice Festival Welding Certification Event. What's even more remarkable is that 13 of these students walked away with the coveted AWS D9.1 certification, a testament to their dedication and hard work.

In the Level 3 category, the following students showcased their hard work by earning the AWS D9.1 5-F GMAW Pipe to Plate certification:

  • John Alaniz
  • Russell Teal
  • Blake Smith
  • Wesley Jones
  • Jerimiah Elliott
  • Gage Wales
  • Carson Walker
  • Dylan Istre
  • Andrew Hutto

However, their excellence didn't end there. In Level 3, three Silsbee students demonstrated their welding prowess by securing top positions:

  • John Alaniz - 3rd Place
  • Russell Teal - 5th Place
  • Blake Smith - 7th Place

The outstanding achievements continued in Level 2, where four students excelled by earning the AWS D9.1 2-F SMAW certification:

  • Ryan Broussard
  • Walter Pearce
  • Noah Marek
  • Michael Moshier

The Silsbee High School welding program, spearheaded by Mr. McKeehan and Mr. McAnally, both former educators at Lamar Institute of Technology, continues to stand out as an exemplary beacon of vocational education. Their passion and commitment have undoubtedly ignited a fire of excellence in their students.

A traditional four-year college may not be the right path for every student. Silsbee High School's Career and Technical Education (CTE) program offers a diverse range of pathways that provide students with industry-based certifications while in school, giving them a competitive edge in the job market upon graduation. The achievements of these Silsbee High School students serve as a reminder that alternative educational pathways can lead to remarkable success.

Silsbee High School's triumph at the Texas Rice Festival Welding Certification Event is a testament to the incredible potential of vocational education, and it undoubtedly underscores the bright future that awaits its students in the world of welding and beyond.