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Silsbee ISD Aspiring Principal Leadership Program Year 1 Nears Completion, New Participants to Be Selected

Silsbee ISD Aspiring Principal Leadership Program Year 1 Nears Completion, New Participants to Be Selected

July 1, 2024 – This summer, participants in the Silsbee ISD Aspiring Principal Leadership Program have been gaining hands-on experience with the day-to-day responsibilities of school principals. Last week, our three candidates had the opportunity to engage with Dr. Donna Fong and Dr. Tom Harvey from Lamar University, as well as Silsbee ISD Superintendent Dr. Gregg Weiss. This interaction provided invaluable insights into the leadership roles they aspire to.

“I feel like we have had a very successful first year of our Aspiring Principals in Leadership program,” said Scott Schwartz, Silsbee ISD Director of Principals and Leadership. “Our first cohort has worked hard, and I have no doubt that they will become effective leaders for Silsbee ISD.”

Established by the board and superintendent in the spring of 2023, the Aspiring Principal Leadership Program aims to develop future leaders for the district. The program’s purpose is to recruit, select, and develop aspiring principals who will help realize the vision of Silsbee ISD.

Our inaugural cohort is expected to complete and graduate from the program in late+ fall of 2024. As this group nears the finish line, the selection process for Cohort 2 is now underway.

“We are eager to begin the selection process for our new cohorts. We will be naming those candidates in August,” said Schwartz.

Once selected, the candidates for Cohort 2 will start their journey toward becoming principals in early fall 2024. Through the leadership program, aspiring principals participate in a customized development program designed to ensure the district has highly qualified future principals.

Participants engage in either a one or two-year instructional program with Silsbee ISD, depending on their current degrees and certifications. The program is in partnership with Lamar University and is facilitated by the Director of Principal and Leadership Development, along with other district leaders who bridge the gap between theory and practice.