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Silsbee ISD Board of Trustees Appoint Kenny Fisher to Fill Vacant Board Seat

Silsbee ISD Board of Trustees Appoint Kenny Fisher to Fill Vacant Board Seat

SEPTEMBER 12, 2023 - The Silsbee Independent School District Board of Trustees announced the appointment of Kenny Fisher to the vacant seat on the board, previously held by Sherrie Taylor. This appointment marks an important step in ensuring continued leadership and representation for the Silsbee ISD community.

Kenny Fisher, a proud alumnus of Silsbee ISD, has deep-rooted connections to the district. He is married to Jennifer Fisher, the Assistant Principal at Laura Reeves Primary, further solidifying his ties to the educational community. This connection ensures that Fisher will bring a well-informed perspective to the board.

Mrs. Sherrie Taylor, the former board member, resigned from her position in May due to her husband's relocation for work. Her departure was keenly felt, and she is greatly missed, but the district is excited to welcome Mr. Fisher to the Board of Trustees.

With a personal investment in the local education system, Fisher is well-poised to be an advocate for the best interests of Silsbee ISD.

Both Fisher and Jonta Miller, another board member appointed last month, will serve on the Board of Trustees until the upcoming elections in May. Mr. Miller was appoint last month by the board and replaced Tom Hardy in Place 6. Kenny Fisher is Place 7.

The decision to appoint Kenny Fisher was reached unanimously by the board members present at the meeting. It must be noted that Mr. Miller was not in attendance during this particular session.

With a deep commitment to the betterment of Silsbee ISD, Fisher's appointment represents a promising chapter in the ongoing journey of educational excellence in the region.