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Tiger Journey Tour Guide!

The first day of school is August 14, 2024.

School hours are 7:45am to 3:30pm

New Student Registration

Getting started:

1. Call and schedule an appointment

New Student registration will begin end of July 2024

  •  Laura Reeves Primary: 409-980-7850
  •  Silsbee Elementary: 409-980-7856
  •  Edwards-Johnson Memorial Silsbee Middle School: 409-980-7870
  •  Silsbee High School: 409-980-7877

2. Before your appointment, complete the new student registration packet for your child's campus:

Laura Reeves Primary [Pre-K] | [Kindergarten]

Silsbee Elementary [packet]

Edwards-Johnson Memorial Silsbee Middle School [packet]

Silsbee High School [packet]

3. At your scheduled appointment time, bring the following documentation to enroll new student(s): 

  • Completed Registration Forms
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Immunization Records
  • Last Report Card from previous school
  • Proof of Residency: Gas, Water, or Electric Bill in Parent/Guardian's Name
  • Parent/Guardian Driver's License or Photo ID
  • Custody Papers or Divorce Decree if applicable

Is your child a transfer?

Silsbee ISD is now accepting transfer requests.

Please fill out the following Transfer Request form and return it to the campus where your child will attend.  For more information, contact Silsbee ISD at (409) 980-7800.

Returning Student Online Registration

Log into your Skyward Family Access Account. Follow the guided steps to complete the online student registration forms. Once you have completed the online registration packet, be sure to submit it. Please remember: You will need to complete this same process for ALL of your K-12 grade students.

Schedules will not be given until the online registration is complete.You must have a Skyward Family Access account to access the online registration forms. If you do not have a Skyward Family Access account, please contact the school office for assistance.

Skyward Login: SISD Skyward


PPCD 3: click here

PPCD Prek-K: click here

Pre-K/Kindergarten: click here

Silsbee Elementary:

1st grade: click here

2nd grade: click here

3rd grade: click here

4th grade: click here

5th grade: click here

DEADLINE TO ORDER EDUKITS IS JUNE 10, 2024: click here to order

Edwards-Johnson Memorial Silsbee Middle School:

6th - 8th grade: click here

Silsbee High School:

High school students will receive a supply list from individual teachers as needed. Students just need to show up with the basics.

Dress Code: Pre-K through 12th grade

Dress and Grooming (All Grade Levels)
The district’s dress code teaches grooming, hygiene, prevents disruption, and minimizes safety hazards. Students and parents may determine a student’s personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they comply with the following the school’s dress code rules.
All SISD students must visibly wear their student ID around their neck, forward facing, at all times.


1. Shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, etc. may have writing or pictures on them as long as they are age appropriate.
2. Sleeveless shirts, blouses, and dresses are permitted with a minimum of a two-inch strap. No strapless or spaghetti straps allowed.
3. No temporary tattoos.
4. All see-through garments are prohibited. 
5. Exaggerated necklines and bare midriffs are prohibited. 
6. Form-fitting garments are prohibited. 
7. Leggings, jeggings and bike shorts are permitted only if the shirt reaches mid-thigh. 
8. Shorts, skirts, and dresses must reach mid-thigh.  
9. Pants and shorts must be worn at waist level and fit appropriately in the seat and waist. No underwear will be visible. Belts are optional; however, if pants do not fit properly, a belt will be required to keep pants at waist level. Pants and shorts with elastic waistbands will be acceptable. Wind pants with snap closures on the sides are prohibited. 
10. Shorts must be worn under dresses and skirts for grades Pre-K-5. 
11. Pants are not to have any rips, cuts, or holes that expose the skin above the knee. 
12. Shirts and pants must cover the midriff (stomach), Pre-K–5 
13. No slogans, words or acronyms allowed on backs of pants, shorts and skirts. 
14. Straps on overalls must be over the shoulder and buckled; sides must be buttoned.
15. Appropriate shoes must be worn at all times. Backless shoes, shoes with cleats, house shoes, taps or roller blades are not permitted. Shoes must not have more than a one- inch heel. This is a safety issue. Tennis shoes are required in Wellness/P. E. 
16. Hats and/or caps, hoods, bandannas, and scarves are prohibited during the school day except on designated “special days”. When allowed, hats and/or caps must be worn properly. 
17. Sunglasses (unless prescribed by a physician) are not to be worn inside the school building except on designated “special days”. 
18. Girls may wear jewelry; however, it must not be worn excessively. Large, awkward jewelry is not allowed. Any pendant, earring, or other article of jewelry which displays any firearm (except awards or symbols of recognized competitive or safety organizations), illegal drug (marijuana leaf, etc.), racial slur, or any display that promotes gang activity or affiliation will not be permitted. 
19. Body piercings other than earrings will not be permitted.
20. Boys may wear stud earrings that fit the earlobe.  No gauges, spikes, or jewelry depicting weapons nor drug references will be permitted.
21. Spike necklaces or bracelets are not permitted. 
22. Heavy gauged chains worn as jewelry or decorative attire are prohibited. 
23. Hair styles/cuts should not be distracting or take away from the dignity of the school.
Unnatural hair color is not permitted.
24. Outer garments of abnormal length (such as trench coats and dusters) may not be worn
in the building. 
25. Unnatural contacts are not permitted. 
26. Heavy make-up is not allowed. 


1. Apparel with suggestive or vulgar slogans, satanic symbols, or apparel advertising tobacco, drugs or alcoholic beverages is not permitted.
2. Hemlines on dresses, skirts, and shorts must be no shorter than the mid-thigh point of the leg.
3. Any visible tattoos (including temporary) must be covered.
4. Inappropriately exposed skin is a violation. See-through clothing is not permitted.
5. Leggings are only permitted if worn with a shirt that has a hemline no shorter than the mid-thigh point of the leg.
6. Sunglasses, unless prescribed by a physician, are not permitted inside the building and may be confiscated. Only doctor prescribed, clear/tinted contacts will be allowed. Other unnatural contacts such as “cat’s eye”, opaque or “designer” versions will not be allowed.
7. Headwear is not allowed in the building (hats, caps, bandanas, wave caps, du-rags, hoods, etc.). Any exceptions need to be approved by the campus principal.
8. Anything that displays any alcoholic beverage, illicit drug, tobacco product, racial slur, marijuana or any other emblem viewed as displaying or promoting gang or racially related activities or affiliation will be determined as depicting such and will not be tolerated by this district. Displaying symbols that invoke gang related activity or negative behavior will not be allowed.
9. Clothing that displays messages that may be interpreted to have double meanings will not be allowed on campus.
10. Pajama bottoms/pants are prohibited.
11. All students will wear shoes to school. Cleated-shoes, house slippers, or shoes with taps are not permitted.
12. Hair styles/cuts should not be distracting or take away from the dignity of the school. Unnatural hair color is not permitted.
13. Facial hair/beards need to be neatly trimmed.
14. Jewelry may be worn; however, any pendant, earring, or any other article of jewelry or clothing, which displays any firearm (machine gun, pistol, etc.), except as awards of recognized competitive or safety organizations will not be permitted. Any jewelry that displays illegal drugs, racial slurs or anything that displays or promotes gang activity or affiliation will not be permitted. No gauges or spiked jewelry.
15. Boys may wear “stud” earrings that fit the earlobe.
16. Students may wear a small nose stud. No rings will be permitted as piercings on any part of the body (other than the ears)
17. Body piercings other than nose studs will not permitted. This does not include ears (see 14-15)
18. Outer garments of abnormal length (such as dusters or trench coats) may not be worn inside the building.
19. Sleeveless, Strapless, Spaghetti strapped garments and muscle shirts are not permitted.
20. Pants are not to have any rips, cuts, or holes that expose the skin above the knee.  All pants/shorts/skirts must be worn appropriately at the waist. Belts must be buckled and tightened appropriately.
21. Overall belts and straps must be buckled.
22. Blankets and throws are prohibited.
23. All students will adhere to cleanliness and personal hygiene.
24. No undergarments (bras, underwear, etc.) may be visible during the school day.

All Schools
Questionable dress or appearance will be referred to the office. Any attire that draws undue attention will be addressed. Students are expected to dress appropriately at all times. If the principal determines that a student’s grooming or clothing violates the school’s dress code, the student will be given an opportunity to correct the problem at school. If not corrected, the student may be assigned to in-school suspension for the remainder of the day, until the problem is corrected, or until a parent or designee brings an acceptable change of clothing to the school.
If the student leaves campus in order to comply with the dress code, an unexcused absence may be given. Repeated offenses may result in more serious disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.
Each year there are a few things, including some ‘fads’ that show up on the campus. These items are not being listed, and there are not regulations to cover all problems that may arise. When a fad becomes a hinderance to learning on any campus of Silsbee ISD, the administration shall immediately address that issue. Anything that distracts from the spirit or dignity of our school will be regulated. The campus administration shall also be given the authority to regulate what is acceptable or not on each respective campus.
All questions regarding the student dress code should be directed to the campus administrators.

Important Dates for Back to School



Edwards-Johnson Memorial Silsbee Middle School

Silsbee High School

Freshman Orientation

2024-2025 Academic Calendar