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    Website Accessibility Guidelines
    It is the goal of the Silsbee Independent School District that the information on this website be accessible to individuals with visual, hearing or cognitive disabilities.
    Good faith efforts have been made to ensure that our site complies with the U.S. Access Board’s Electronic and Information Technologies Accessibility Standards 
    The majority of pages in our site are available in a format that can be deciphered by screen readers. Some documents are in Adobe PDF format. To convert these documents to a more accessible format, please visit Adobe’s online PDF conversion web page.
    If you are unable to access any page(s) in our site, please email the webmaster at support@silsbeeisd.org concerning these pages with detailed information on the location of the page or document you were attempting to access. Be sure to include your name, email address and telephone number so that we may contact you to provide the information in another format.
    Please Note
    Some pages on the Silsbee Independent School District website contain links to third party sites, which are not within our control and may not comply with accessibility standards. The Silsbee Independent School District is not responsible for the content, facts, opinions or accessibility of third party sites.





    Microsoft Accessibility

    The Microsoft Accessibility page offers accessibility guidance and information in relation to their products. To view a specific page, click on a topic below.

    Accessibility features built into Microsoft products
    (i.e., Windows, Internet Explorer and MSN, Office, Hardware, Web Publishing, etc.)

    Documentation in accessible formats for Microsoft products

    (i.e., Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Media technologies, Internet Explorer, Office 2010, Office 2007, Office 2003, Office XP, FrontPage, PhotoDraw 2000, Publisher, and Developer Tools & Servers)

    Accessibility tutorials for Microsoft products: Windows, Office, and Internet

    Guides by impairment: vision, dexterity and mobility, hearing, learning, language and communication.


    Google Accessibility Features

    Chrome Browser

    The Chrome browser supports screen readers and magnifiers, and offers people with low vision full-page zoom, high-contrast color and extensions.
    Chrome OS
    Chrome OS includes built-in accessibility features like ChromeVox, High Contrast, and Magnifier.
    ChromeVox is a screen reader for Chrome OS that helps bring the speed, versatility, and security of Chrome to visually impaired users.
    Designed with accessibility in mind, Gmail is compatible with several popular screen readers.


    iOS accessibility features for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch



    Important Links


    Silsbee ISD Web Accessibility Policy



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    ​Additional information on accessibility programs in Texas is available from the Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities at http://www.governor.state.tx.us/disabilities.

    Please email questions and concerns to support@silsbeeisd.org.