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SISD certified teachers and professional employees to receive retention incentive

APRIL 21, 2021 – The Silsbee Independent School District School Board of Trustees unanimously voted to allow certified teachers and professional employees to receive a retention incentive at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year.

Superintendent Dr. Gregg Weiss and the SISD Finance Department put together a plan for each certified teacher and professional employee that returns for the upcoming school year to receive a $1,000 incentive, which will be disseminated in September.

“Since being employed with SISD, I came to realize that we did not have any type of financial incentive for our teachers and staff that encouraged longevity,” Weiss said. “Considering the shortage of certified teachers and professional staff throughout the State of Texas, it's ever more important to show our appreciation and encourage our best and brightest to stay at Silsbee ISD.”

Weiss added that while this particular incentive specifically targets certified teachers and professional staff, it is just the first phase implementing an incentive plan that encourages longevity with the district.

“This is the result of hard work over the past two years to prioritize and align funding to our most critical needs,” Weiss added. “Just as the $750 was funded, this current $1,000 retention bonus will also come from the district's general operating fund.”

A similar incentive was distributed to staff of Silsbee ISD in the amount of $750 at the end of the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year.

“Unquestionably, the pandemic has placed an enormous strain on the education profession,” Weiss said. “Not only have our educators placed themselves on the front lines to serve our students, but they have had to rethink their way of preparing and delivering instruction that has required additional time and planning. Not to mention, balancing their own personal lives in the process. Now more than ever, our educators need to feel valued and encouraged to stay at Silsbee ISD to continue providing an outstanding education to our children.”

Silsbee ISD Board of Trustees voted to move forward with the resolution of the retention incentive at its April 13, 2021 Regular Board Meeting.

“This couldn’t have happened without Dr. Weiss coming in and the team that he assembled around him for us to be able to get in this position we are in today to make something like this happen,” Trustee Derrell Ferguson said. “I hope that we can continue this in the future.”