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Katy ISD Legacy Stadium Rules & Regulations


Policies and General Information regarding football games at Rhodes and Legacy Stadiums

Clear Bag RegulationTo ensure visitor safety, along with quick and efficient entry into our event venues, Katy ISD has instituted a Clear Bag Regulation. This will limit the size and type of bag allowed at sporting events, performances and graduations held at Rhodes and Legacy stadiums.

While Katy ISD encourages visitors not to bring bags if possible, the following types of bags are permissible:

  • Clear, plastic, vinyl or PVC bags
  • Clear, plastic, one-gallon, re-sealable, Ziploc-style bags
  • Clutch bags approximately the size of a hand (4 ½” X 6 ½”)
  • Medically necessary items

Visitors who bring bags that do not meet the criteria outlined, will not be permitted entrance into the venue.

The following items ARE NOT PERMITTED in the stadiums:

  • Drugs
  • Use of Tobacco Products
  • Weapons
  • Balls of any type
  • Flag Poles
  • Baby Powder
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Distribution of Literature
  • Outside Food or Drinks
  • Tripods
  • Large Signs
  • Animals
  • Aerosol Cans / Silly String
  • Artificial Noisemakers
  • Balloons
  • Skateboards
  • Frisbees
  • Whistles
  • Containers of any kind
  • Bubbles
  • Confetti

Other than clear backpacks



  1. UIL, 19-6A, 10-5A and 19-5A policies will be strictly enforced.
  2. Medical emergencies at Rhodes or Legacy Stadiums varsity football games will be handled by emergency crews from the Katy Fire D
  3. Lightning Policy – Please follow the prompts on the PA and video board.
    1. Spectators -
      1. Rhodes Stadium- Please exit to cars, buses or Field House ASAP until all clear.
      2. Legacy – Seek shelter on the concourse level or exit to your cars
    2. Participants –
      1. Fine Arts – Proceed to your buses
      2. Athletics – Proceed to the Field House
  4. Only authorized news media and authorized photographers (student and adult) will be allowed on the field or in the team area before the game, during the game, during half-time and after the game.
  5. Only dance team, band students, or cheerleaders in uniform, may form spirit lines on the playing field.
  6. Adult booster groups may form spirit lines from the FIELD HOUSE end zone line toward the ramp; they may not encroach upon the field or warm up area. No students or children are allowed in the spirit lines.

Spectators are not allowed on the field or in the fieldhouse area after the game.

  1. Air horns, and other mechanical/electronic noisemakers are prohibited in Katy ISD.
  2. Food or drinks may not be brought into the stadium except by bands, dance teams, cheerleaders. Glass bottles or glass containers are prohibited in the stadium.

Food, drinks, gum and seeds of any type are prohibited in the field area.

  1. Balloons may not be brought into the stadium. Items such as skateboards, scooters, Frisbees, and balls are not permitted in the stadium and may not be thrown into the stands.
  2. No items of any kind are allowed to be thrown from the field into the stands without prior approval of the athletic department.
  3. Live animal mascots are not allowed in the stadium. Dummy mascots, signs, etc., may not be paraded or displayed in the end zones or in front of opponent’s stands.
  4. NO band, dance team, cheerleaders or photographer may encroach upon the restraining lines (dotted line) or the bench area (25-yard line to 25-yard line) during the course of the game.    
  5. Spirit Signs—Signs are allowed on the fencing and railing at the stadium. Grassy slopes in the south end zone (Rhodes) or north end zone (Legacy) may be used only for a mascot sign. No sign or banner advertising businesses are allowed without the approval of the KISD Marketing Department.

Painters tape, rope, or zip ties are required to hang spirit signs (NO DUCT TAPE). Hand held only spirit flags may be displayed on spirit lines then put away after both teams enter the field.

All signs, tape, rope and zip ties must be removed at the conclusion of the contest.

  1. No ticket refunds will be given. No Re-Entry is allowed.
  2. Sideline Passes - All people on the sidelines outside of the bench area, who are not in uniform, must have a SIDELINE PASS. No one is allowed to stand, photograph, or film from the end zone area of the field without authorization. Sideline passes will be issued by the Campus Athletic Coordinators office on each high school campus.
  3. Run-through signs may not be placed on the field if it has been raining and acrylic type paint has been used. Glitter is not allowed to be used on any run-through signs or on half-time props.
  4. PRESS BOX: Rhodes – entry is at the Northwest stairs and you must be on the entry list. Legacy - entry is at the Northwest elevator and you must be on the entry list.
  5. SCOUT BOX: The Scout Box is reserved strictly for scouts. Four scouts per Scout team will be admitted. Any additional scouts will be allowed if space permits.
  6. STUDENT SEATING: The student seating sections is located in the lower section at the 50-yard line.
  7. PARKING –
    1. All home and visiting band, cheer, choir and dance team buses will be parked in the designated areas on the NORTH end of both stadiums.
    2. Football Buses will be parked on the NORTH end of Rhodes Stadium and the SOUTH end of Legacy Stadium
    3. The reserved parking area in the Northwest corners of both stadiums is for Board Members, administrative office personnel, and other designated personnel only.
  1. All photographers must be approved by the coach or principal of his or her school or have some kind of identification in order to be on the sideline. The photographer will be admitted through the Rhodes NW Pass Gate / Media Room and Legacy NW Pass Gate / NW Media table located at the NW Elevator.
  2. All video personnel should enter the stadium with the team. In the case of inclement weather please see the stadium administrator for further instructions.
  3. Sideline passes for the school paper and for the school yearbook will be issued by the Campus Athletic Secretary of each KISD Campus
  1. TICKET GATE: Ticket gates will open 1 hour before the game.
  2. PASS GATE: Patrons entering Rhodes Stadium or Legacy Stadiums with passes must enter through the Northwest (home) or Northeast (visitors) Pass Gates only.

Live Streaming Prohibited

Using live streaming sites including Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitter Live and YouTube Live to stream a game is strictly prohibited and in direct violation of the UIL’s agreement with its broadcast partners. This applies to fans and all media.