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• AP students tour Austin, Capitol

SHS AP Students

Today, 32 students from Silsbee High School will be touring Austin as a part of the AP Honors History and English classes from the ELAR/SS Department.    

Students will be touring the Capitol and also receiving a hands-on experience during Texas Legislation along with District 19 Representative James White.

As a part of the tour, the students are required to use Twitter to document the trip in what instructors call a “Twitter Challenge”.

In the challenge, students are required to take a “selfie” via Twitter at each place visited that they would want to teach someone else, and also how they find it intriguing, all while using the hashtag #TigersTakeAustin

Secondary ELAR/SS Instructional Coordinator Bridget Kirby said the students' tweets must be insightful and impactful. If students don’t have Twitter, they are encouraged to join in other’s “selfies”

While the students are learning about state government in Austin and visiting museums, they are also encouraged to be aware of how a digital footprint is made via social media.

Tweets from the trip will be “re-tweeted” by Kirby and other instructors on the trip. Some of the “re-tweets” will also be shared on Silsbee ISD official district page @silsbeeisd.