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• Silsbee HS angler gets record catch

Silsbee High School Fishing

Silsbee High School angler Bryson Gore was aiming to be a winner in a big way last weekend during a SETX High School Fishing Association tournament, however he wasn’t anticipating on breaking a record.

Gore was fishing with teammate Dylan Colvin on Saturday at the tournament held at Lake Sam Rayburn, which was host to over 500 boats on the water that day.

Gore used his best fishing talents to hook what is being called the largest Big Mouth Bass ever caught during a SETX HS Fishing event.

The bass weighed-in at 10.57 pounds, which gave Gore the first place trophy for Big Bass in the tournament. He was also awarded a prize for the “Ten Pound Bounty”.

SETX H.S. Fishing Association has been hosting tournaments to high school anglers for four years.

SETX H.S. Fishing Association is made up of high schools from Houston to Sam Rayburn, and claims to be the largest high school tournament trail across the country.