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Transportation driver brings Polar Express to life

Beverly Ketchum helps entertain students and keep the mood festive for the holidays.

DECEMBER 14, 2020 – The community is sure to have seen a Silsbee ISD bus strolling through town, decorative and festive for the holiday season.

That very bus, driven by Transportation driver Beverly Ketchum, will certainly catch a lot of attention. But when you take a step inside, you will definitely feel the vibe of the holidays, as the twinkling of the lights sparkle your eyes while you catch a glimpse of Rudolph and Santa hanging on the rafters.

Ketchum isn’t shy about her love of the holiday season, and keeps this bus decorated for the students of Silsbee ISD to enjoy whether they are picked up in the early morning hours to drive to school, or to go back home after a long day in classes.

This year, Ketchum took the extra step for the holidays, and now offers a reading of the Polar Express in her bus at the Silsbee Elementary and Laura Reeves Primary bus pickup area. She’ll take a small group of students from classes, load them up on the “Polar Express Bus”, and give them story time as she pops in a narration of the book over the stereo system for all to enjoy.

Polar Express Bus

All of this while she plays the part of the conductor, giving the students a time they will never forget.

After the reading, she gives the students a quick ride around the loop of the bus pickup line just as if they were riding the “Polar Express”.

Silsbee ISD appreciates the hard work and dedication of all the transportation drivers in the district, and thanks Ketchum for going the extra-mile to keep our students in the holiday spirit.

Polar Express Bus