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Silsbee High School welders earn certifications

Silsbee High School Welding Certification Day in Vidor on April 15

MAY 20, 2021

Level 1 – AWS D9.1 2F FCAW Certification

Collin Hunter, second place

Christopher Ruggles, fourth place

Justin Cochran, fifth place

Adam Saenz, sixth place

Garret McCarty, 10th place

Jace Hartman

Jake Moore

Jase Rogers

Camron Schmitz

Kaden Moulder

Nicolas Eldridge

Kannin McKeffer

Oscar Perez

Robert Osburn

Jaden Johnson

Level 3 – AWS D1.1 2G with backing 7018 Certification

Caden Castilaw

Corben McKinney

Level 4 – AWS D1.1 2G open root 6010/7018 Certification

Sam Spurlock, first place

Certification Only AWS D9.1 2F 7018 Certification

Yahir Aguillon

Ruby Smith

Caden Castilaw

Cutting Contest

Kannin McKeffer, third place

Gage Wales, fourth place

Levi Smart, fifth place

Nicholas Eldridge, seventh place

Jantzen Weiss, ninth place

Quiz and Tool ID

Sam Spurlock, first place

Jaidyn Henry, seventh place

Caden Castilaw, eighth place


Collin Hunter, $1,000 Ocean Corp

Sam Spurlock, $1,000 Ocean Corp

Boot Up Welder

Levi Smart

Jace Hartman

Welding Certifications