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Silsbee junior, Cheyenne Cooley, places 4th at the Area IX Senior Public Speaking contest, makes history as an Area IX officer

Cheyenne Cooley

May 10, 2022 – A Silsbee ISD junior is making history and a name for herself in the FFA world. Junior Cheyenne Cooley placed 4th at the Area IX Senior Public Speaking contest, but that is not the only success story here for this junior. She is also paving the way in IX Area for future Silsbee FFA members after becoming the first Area IX officer for the Silsbee FFA organization.

We are going to tackle each one of these achievements. Let’s start with her exceptional performance in the public speaking contest in the Agribusiness category.

Cooley’s topic addressed the growing issue that agriculture is being attacked on social media by anti-production agricultural groups. The speech also addresses how we can expand society's knowledge of the agricultural industry. Cooley placed 4th in her division and received a banner. For those who don’t understand the FFA contest process, the Area level is the equivalent of Regionals in UIL.

This is an exceptional feat in the Silsbee FFA and you will begin seeing more success like this in the future.

Silsbee FFA

Before we can get to the history-making officer position, let’s give you, the reader, a little background information about Texas FFA and where Silsbee FFA is located within the organization.

According to Texas FFA, it is a dynamic youth organization that makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.

The Texas FFA is divided into 12 different areas and each area is divided into districts. The Silsbee FFA chapter is nestled in the Ricebelt District, which is in “Oh So Fine Area IX”. Last year (2021-2022), Cheyenne Cooley was elected the Ricebelt District President. The Silsbee chapter has had several district officers, but this was the first time Silsbee was the host school of the President of the district.

Texas IX Area Officers

“I knew once Cheyenne was named President her journey in the FFA was just beginning.,” said Courtney Champagne, Agriculture Teacher at Silsbee High School.

From there, Cooley quickly began climbing in rank. Her next move is where history was made.

This year, Cheyenne ran for the position of Area Officer Secretary and was selected for the position, making her the first Area IX Officer from the Silsbee FFA Chapter.

As for the process of becoming an area officer, Cooley was required to complete a writing prompt, interview, test, and speak in front of her peers.

Area IX Officers

“One thing I have learned is that nothing worth it is easy! The process is mentally draining, time-consuming but overall worth it. Hearing them call out your name along with your hometown is an honor words could never explain. The thrill of getting to extend your servitude beyond your own community is an experience I cannot wait for,” said Cheyenne Cooley, Silsbee High School Junior.

Cooley is climbing the FFA ladder quickly, and she is also paving the way for future success, like hers, for Silsbee FFA members.

If you are interested in seeing Cheyenne’s speech, you can find it on the Silsbee FFA Facebook page, with many more of the chapter's successes.

The future of the Silsbee FFA is bright. 

Silsbee FFA