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Silsbee ISD Board of Trustees approve two projects at the high school, turf field and welding expansion

May 10, 2022 – The Silsbee Independent School District Board of Trustees has approved two major projects at Silsbee High School. The board members who were present at Tuesday’s meeting voted unanimously [Sherrie Taylor was absent from Tuesday's board meeting].

The projects include installing synthetic turf at the high school stadium, also known as Tiger Stadium, and expanding the welding facility.

“I am excited to announce these two projects and want to thank our SISD Board of Trustees for their vision for the future,” said Superintendent, Dr. Gregg Weiss.

The synthetic turf project will benefit multiple student programs consisting of football, band, soccer, and our annual graduation ceremony. Bringing this stadium up to date with many neighboring schools and competing programs will level the playing field for our students.


“I want to give a big ‘Thank you’ to Dr. Weiss and the Silsbee ISD School Board for approving the Silsbee Tiger Turf Project. Tiger Stadium will be one of the most Elite Stadiums in Southeast Texas. The Stadium Turf will benefit students of many programs,” said Athletic Director, Randy Smith.

Additionally, the upgrade will allow Silsbee ISD to be a premier site for hosting UIL playoff events that will not only help generate additional funding support for our student organizations through concessions, but also bring more dollars for many of our local businesses.

The second project is the expansion of our welding program at Silsbee High School. We currently have an outstanding welding program in which our student interest has exceeded the capacity of our welding facility. This program is such a benefit to our students in that it provides certifications and the necessary skills to immediately enter the workforce with a high-paying job. This project will almost double the size of the current facility and allow our students the needed space for welding equipment and projects.

“Both Mr. McAnally and I are very excited to see the expansion/renovation of the welding lab. With the expansion of the welding facility, it will allow us to train up to 150 students per year, training these students for high-demand, high-paying jobs. It will be an investment that will benefit Silsbee ISD students for many years. It is really nice to work for a School District that is as committed and dedicated to the students as Silsbee ISD,” said Welding Instructor, John McKeehan.

Additionally, several safety upgrades are being integrated, which include new gas piping and a new state-of-the-art ventilation system.

Both projects are expected to be completed by the start of the 2022-2023 school year.