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Silsbee Elementary sees majors success at UIL Academics competition

January 23, 2023 - Dozens of Silsbee Elementary students grades 2nd through 5th competed in the UIL Academics competition at West Orrange Stark Elementary. SES students were very successful in bringing home top finishes.


2nd Grade Chess

Micah Anderson: 3rd Place

Ashton Hart: 4th Place

3rd Grade Chess: 1st Place Team

Mason Hammer: 1st Place

Eisha Kerr: 2nd Place

Lucas West: 3rd Place

Ava Chaney: 4th Place

4th Grade Chess: 3rd Place Team

Harlee Hargrave: 4th Place

5th Grade Chess: 1st Place Team

Alonzo Valencia: 3rd Place

Maverick Welker: 4th Place

Isabel West: 5th Place

2nd Grade Math

Nathaneiel Fikes: 5th Place

3rd Grade Math: 3rd Place Team

Samuel Parsley: 1st Place 

3rd Grade Music Memory: 3rd Place Team

4th Grade Music Memory: 1st Place Team

Justus Lorick: 3rd Place

Caston King: 4th Place

Forest Read: 5th Place

Kenslee Calloway: 6th Place

4th Grade Number Sense: 3rd Place Team

5th Grade Number Sense: 3rd Place Team

5th Grade Social Studies: 1st Place Team

Lincoln Stewart: 1st Place

Cara House: 2nd Place

Brycen Lisenby: 5th Place

3rd Grade Spelling: 2nd Place Team

Kenleigh Allen: 2nd Place

Katie Haga: 5th Place

4th Grade Spelling: 2nd Place Team

Zachary Elliot: 2nd Place

Kash Wiggins: 4th Place

5th Grade Spelling: 2nd Place Team

Korbin Hatton: 1st Place

2nd Grade Oral Reading:

Aubrey Castolenia: 4th Place

Greyson Wehmeyer: 5th Place

3rd Grade Oral Reading:

Cameron Lowe: 4th Place

Ellison Woodard: 5th Place

4th Grade Oral Reading:

Paityn Hawthorne: 6th Place

5th Grade Oral Reading:

Lexi Murphy: 1st Place

Brooklyn Kelly: 3rd Place

Davis Perdue: 5th Place

2nd Grade Storytelling:

Kanon Kirby: 1st Place

Evie Parsley: 2nd Place

Jude Ratcliff: 6th Place

3rd Grade Storytelling:

Autumn Montalvo: 2nd Place

3rd Grade Ready Writing:

Annabel Bottley: 4th Place

Hudson Griffith: 5th Place

Hunter McDaniel: 6th Place

5th Grade Ready Writing:

Mackenzie Fikes: 1st Place