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Three Silsbee High School students shine with statewide Music Award

Music Award

May 18, 2023 - Three exceptionally talented students from Silsbee High School have recently achieved a remarkable feat by receiving a prestigious statewide music award. Tristin Bell, Arion Killion, and Eli Cravy, names that resonate with musical excellence, have been handpicked to receive this honor.

The nomination for this award was put forward by the SHS Choir Teacher, Kathryn McKeehan, whose eye for talent recognized the extraordinary abilities possessed by these students. The award, presented by the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA), represents a pinnacle of accomplishment for any aspiring musician.

To qualify, students must demonstrate exceptional qualities in terms of academic achievement, musical prowess, and outstanding citizenship within their school and community. Tristin Bell, Arion Killion, and Eli Cravy undoubtedly exceeded these criteria during the 2022-2023 school year, making them the deserving recipients of this noteworthy recognition.

The Texas Music Educators Association, an esteemed organization boasting a membership of over 13,000 music teachers, is committed to promoting and supporting music education across the state. With a focus on professional growth opportunities for educators and garnering public support for music in schools, the TMEA strives to provide students with enriching musical experiences.

It is worth noting that the Texas Music Scholars award is highly esteemed, with fewer than 1,800 students throughout the state being selected as recipients last year. Thus, Tristin Bell, Arion Killion, and Eli Cravy's accomplishment exemplifies their exceptional talent and dedication to their craft. Their exceptional achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring musicians and a testament to the invaluable role of music education in shaping well-rounded individuals.