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Silsbee boys finish first at LCM Powerlifting Meet

Silsbee powerlifting logo illustration Girls earn third place at Bear Invitational held on February 1

FEBRUARY 6, 2018 – The Silsbee boys and girls powerlifting teams competed at the Little Cypress-Mauriceville Powerlifting meet held on Thursday, February 1. The boys team finished in first place with 46 points and the girls finished in third place with 31 points.

Marquell Hale led Silsbee in the 175-division lifting a total of 1,475 pounds including 620 in squat, 315 in bench press and 540 in deadlift.

Samuel Roundtree finished in third place in the 275-division with a total of 1,110 lifted.

In the girls division, Denisha Dodis led Silsbee with 855 pounds lifted to finish in first place in the 259-division.

Alyssa Rogers finished in first in the 198-division with a total of 750 pounds lifted.

Lennie Magindin also finished in first place in the 148-division with 520 pounds lifted.




1st, Ricky Regalado, 260-squat, 220-bench press, 285-deadlift, 765-total



3rd, Kayden Norris, 270-squat, 165-bench press, 295-deadlift, 730-total

NA, Colby Watts, 300-squat, 165-bench press, 305-deadlift, 770-total



4th, Walker Cravey, 275-squat, 155-bench press, 370-deadlift, 800-total



2nd, Lonnie Foster, 465-squat, 225-bench press, 465-deadlift, 1,155-total



5th, Keenon Dolen, 320-squat, 220-bench press, 365-deadlift, 905-total



2nd, Dylan Andrews, 450-squat, 240-bench press, 440-deadlift, 1130-total

3rd, Dawson Stephens, 330-squat, 235-bench press, 365-deadlift, 930-total

NA, Aiden Chustz, 220-squat, 165-bench press, 275-deadlift, 660-total

NA, Joseph Stanley, 275-squat, 170-bench press, 265-deadlift, 710-total



1st, Daniel Grant, 465-squat, 315-bench press, 485-deadlift, 1265-total

2nd, Cody Duncan, 460-squat, 240-bench press, 420-deadlift, 1120-total

6th, Ayden Bell, 380-squat, 205-bench press, 385-deadlift, 970-total



1st, Marquell Hale, 620-squat, 315-bench press, 540-deadlift, 1475-total

3rd, Samuel Roundtree, 440-squat, 270-bench press, 400-deadlift, 1110-total



NA, Lawrence Williams, 390-squat, 260-bench press, 405-deadlift, 1055-total




1st, Lennie Magindin, 200-squat, 115-bench press, 205-deadlift, 520-total

2nd, Shelby Woods, 170-squat, 90-bench press, 200-deadlift, 460-total



1st, Alyssa Rogers, 285-squat, 170-bench press, 295-deadlift, 750-total

2nd, Tristyn Terry, 255-squat, 175-bench press, 300-deadlift, 730-total



1st, Denisha Dodis, 350-squat, 190-bench press, 315-deadlift, 855-total