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10 Silsbee High School students earn certification at The Texas Rice Festival Welding Certification Day

It was a day of fierce competition for several Silsbee High School students at The Texas Rice Festival Welding Certification Day. 

23 schools participated in the event this year and a total of 289 student competed.

Silsbee ISD brought 17 students to the competition and 10 students earned their American Welding Society D1.1 Welding Certification. 

Level 3 AWS D1.1 1G groove weld with backing:

Jaden Johnson             4th Place earning certification

Rilley Creel                 5th Place earning certification

Cody Glenn                  Earned certification

Damian Loredo           Earned certification

Justin Cochran             Earned certification

Gage Wales                 Earned certification

Andrew Leblanc          Earned certification

Lane Reed                   Earned certification

Level 4 AWS D1.1 1G groove weld open root:

Corben McKinney       1st Place earning certification

Adam Saenz                4th place earning certification

Corben McKinney also was awarded multiple scholarship opportunities.

Lamar Institute of Technology            $1000

Mainliners Welding Academy             $2000

Elite Pipe Welding Academy               $1000

The Texas Rice Festival Event kicked off this year with welding certification tests, oxy-fuel cutting contest, tool identification and safety knowledge contest, underwater welding, and Madskills Visual Weld Inspection Challenge.

Competitions and Certifications are open to Texas High School Students and the event is open for the public to view.