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Silsbee High School Tiger P.A.W.S. students clean, repaint Knupple Park

Tiger PAWS

OCTOBER 6, 2021 – There is a new club at Silsbee High School. It’s called Tiger P.A.W.S. This club doesn’t come with competitions or trophies but is made up of students who want to give back to their community.

Tiger P.A.W.S. started out as just an idea on a piece of paper, and on Wednesday students were able to write their first chapter. High school senior, Jimena Espinoza, said it felt good to give back to her community.

“I’ve wanted to do community service; I just didn’t know where to start. This club has allowed us to be united together and help out community,” said Senior, Jimena Espinoza.

Tiger Paws

More than a dozen students, staff and volunteers showed up to Knupple Park to rake leaves, clean the tennis courts, repaints, trim trees and much more.

“We are cleaning up the park and just getting rid of any trash that is left,” said Espinoza.

The purpose of the club is to help create a servant’s heart in SHS students by helping their fellow neighbors.

Their mission is to bridge the needs of the community with service that our students can provide. And the goal of Tiger P.A.W.S. is to have a partnership between the school and community that will be beneficial to the growth and betterment of Silsbee. 

Tiger PAWS

So, how will this work?

First, the needs in the community are identified. Those needs could be identified by a community liaison, students, or the Tiger P.A.W.S. committee. Second, arrangements are made to meet those needs. Finally, the dates and times are set up and then students get to work.

“High schoolers at Silsbee, come out and help us,” said Espinoza

To qualify for service from Tiger P.A.W.S. you must live within Silsbee Independent School District lines and services must be safe for students. There are multiple needs in the community and the club will work hard to meet as many as they can. SISD staff is working on a form people in the community can fill out. The club might not be able to meet all the needs, but students will work to get to as many as they can.

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Community Benefits:

  • Develops community partnerships with our school district
  • Develops a sense of community within younger generations 
  • More community needs are met with the additional involvement of students

Student Benefits:

  • Letter Jacket and/or Patches (50 Hours per Year)
  • Heart for Service
  • Community Connections
  • College and scholarship applications
  • Possible future employment opportunities

Tiger PAWS

The services students provide are free, but the club is asking for donations from the community. Those donations can include monetary donations, supplies or storage.