What is Focus?

What is FOCUS?

October 9, 2015

Written by: Gracie Gilchriest

Edited by: Sarah Harper

What is Focus?

I am constantly asked “What’s that?” by my fellow students when I say I’m in Focus; sometimes even teachers don’t know! Over the years, Focus’ popularity has died down, and this year we plan on having a revival. "What is Focus," you ask? Well, we will tell you.

The History of Focus

Focus has been around for generations. The earliest records we can find are dated back to 1970, with late Mrs. Lee Flowers as the sponsor. It was designed as a creative outlet for students to express themselves, showcase their literary talent,  and represent Silsbee High School.

What's the Purpose of Focus?

In years past, Focus has been a literary magazine. This year, the club is going to change it up a tad. Along with the tradition of creative entries, Focus will have an informative side. This way, the students, staff, families, and the community will be updated on what Silsbee High School is doing.

What is the Goal for this Year?

Our goal for Focus this year is to bring a renewal to the group. We want our students to be more involved, and gather more of an interest towards our page by writing about what they love. We also wish to publish more material than we have in the last few years and spark a new love and pride for SHS and it’s inner workings.


Focus will have a number of opportunities for students to compete in. These include: essays, poems, art, sculptures, and photography.

Following our Athletics and Clubs

Focus will invite each club, sport, UIL, electives, teams,  or an other extracurricular activity to promote themselves to the student body.

Help us!

Please support us and participate in all our events! I really hope you enjoy this year’s Focus magazine, because we have an amazing group of talented young writers and a new sponsor ready to take us in new directions. Please help us spread the word!